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Summer's Over, Some Thoughts

Those of us who trained or raced this Summer were certainly fortunate.  Aside from excessive heat and humidity, the lack of rain allowed us to get in the water and on the bike as much as time allowed.  Running outdoors was a challenge, though I personally prefer a treadmill to the pavement.  Where else am I going to catch up on GOT or Mr. Robot?

This Summer I completed my thirty third year in multi-sport, having participated in the Montauk Sprint Triathlon (of which I became a sponsor) and the Mighty Hamptons Steve Tarpinian Memorial Triathlon.  Jose Lopez and the staff of Long  Island Tri Coach once again did a phenomenal job in Montauk.  We can only hope that the new organizers maintain the high standards set by Jose and his staff.   Event Power also puts on one heckuva race, as they've been doing in Sag Harbor for over thirty years. 

One of the giveaways at the Mighty Hamptons was a book titled Slipped Away.  It's about Steve Tarpinian, who lost his battle with depression in 2015.  His  longtime partner, Jean Mellano did a beautiful job on this memoir, which includes a short illustrated story by Steve, contributions by some of the top names in the triathlon community and look into a life that appeared idyllic from the outside though was often filled with pain. 

I didn't know Steve personally (and assumed that he didn't know me). However, if you were involved in the Long Island triathlon community you couldn't help but know of him.   At the 2014 Mighty Hamptons race, it was dark and cool prior to the start.  I walked over to the tent marked 'Race Personnel Only' to ask for a cup of tea.  I figured I would be rebuffed as it was, you know, for race personnel only.  Steve turned around and said in a warm, welcoming voice: "Oh, Jay, of course".  A small gesture, maybe, but I can't tell you how good it made me feel. After reading the book I understand why Steve was, and continues to be, held in such high regard.  

Here are a couple of things that you might find helpful:

For sneakers in Lawrence, Oceanside and other locations try Incredible Feets.  Good selection, good staff.  Tell them I referred you.  

For the complete athletic shoe store experience, there's Runner's Edge in Farmingdale.  Here you'll find some of the top LI athletes and coaches.  Bob Cook and his staff remain a mainstay of the LI sports community, and for good reason. 

If you're in the market for a coach, I highly recommend   Jose and his coaches include top athletes such as Iron Women Barbara Stagnari and Nancy Lipira, as well as Bob Otto, Ironman and PhD in exercise physiology.

A little further afield, there's Coach Al Lyman in Connecticut.   Al has been tearing it up lately with his interesting posts.  Get on his email list. 

For anyone interested in health, fitness and nutrition, I recommend Dr. Gabe Mirkin's website.  Sign up for his newsletter, and every week you'll receive a concise report on the most current topics.  The archives are also worthwhile for research.  

Lastly, I'd like to thank my lovely wife, Dr. Audrey Freshman,  who after a morning at Yoga Shanti will think nothing of spending the afternoon biking and swimming with me.  She remains my partner in all the things that matter. 


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